The Billionaires of the 21st Century have had their fair share of controversial moments and that’s what inspired us to create META Billionaires Club NFT’s.

The META Billionaires Club NFT’s include the influential billionaires of today’s day and age.

Some of our rarest collections will depict historical moments of tension between these billionaires while others will depict the public perception of our elite Billionaires, such as “The Lizard”.

The Second Official Project to launch on Flokinomics Launchpad. Meta Billionaires will be a low tax gem, employing the following tokenomics

Social Media accounts creation
Website creation
Finalising NFT concept
Flokinomics Launchpad partnership
WL Competitions and presale

CERTIK audit onboarding
Public Sale on PCS
CMC & CG Applications
Staking goes live
Celebrity partnerships
Major marketing Pre-NFT drop

3D NFT Collection drop
3-Channel Marketing push
Whitepaper V2 Release